A Guide To Cooking Corned Beef

As many may know, finding a good recipe that is easy to follow can be tricky, but this cooking corned beef recipe requires little assistance. Corned beef and cabbage is considered as a traditional Irish feast. And therefore many want to copy this recipe to create this meal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The Initial Step In Cooking Corned Beef

For every cooking project it is significant to make sure that all the essential utensils are in supply. Ensure for measuring cups, spoons, dicing knives and a pan to cook the meal in. When come to cooking corned beef, selecting a cut of meat is thus very important.

The word “corned” is used as an indication to the way the meat has been cured. Prior to refrigeration, meat was cured with salt in rows referred to as “corns”. The beef brisket is cured today with the means of salt water to give it the traditional taste of a corned cured beef.

Before cooking corned beef, make sure the dates on the package before selecting a package of corned beef. It is vital to buy a package that is fresh. A well sealed package of corned beef can be stored frozen for up to one month. After cooking corned beef, the leftovers are fresh for 3 to 4 days.

In order to make the corned beef as tender as possible, it may need a long cooking time for the corned beef. Cooking corned beef can be prepared in the oven, with a slow cooker or on the stove. Once more, this is a cut of meat that needs to be cooked for a long time. Corned beef can still looks slightly pink, even if it is cooked completely.

If you are cooking corned beef in the oven, make sure to place the meat fat side up. It should be cooked at just about 350 degrees. Cover it with some water added, around an inch. It normally takes about an hour for each pound of meat to be done.

If cooking corned beef in a crock pot, it will enable vegetables to be cooked at the same time. All you need is just placing the vegetables on the bottom first. Subsequently, cut the corned beef in pieces to allow for the complete cooking of the corned beef. Then add water, about one cup into the pot. This sort of cooking can take up to 10-12 hours.

If cooking corned beef on the stove is the option you wish, place the meat fat side up in a large pan. Covering it with water and then bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and let it to simmer for one hour per pound of meat.

Cooking corned beef is really simple and it creates a traditional family feast to be enjoyed by everyone.