A Guide To Cooking Ribs

I have never tried cooking ribs for my family all this while not until three years ago. I do not enjoy messy eating and I have never seen anyone eating ribs in a tidy fashion. As a result, when I began cooking for my family I managed to somehow never cook ribs for dinner. In actual fact, I never even knew that my husband and stepchildren enjoyed eating ribs.

Followed by, one day my husband started to ask me why I never cooked ribs for dinner. It took me a split second to realize that he was serious. And this was the first time he had ever asked me to cook ribs. Therefore, after a long pause I explained that I really saw no reason to cook ribs. I reasoned that I found them to be messy, annoying and really there was very little meat on the bones. He explained that he would like to have ribs cooked for dinner in one of these day. That conversation took place ten years back and for seven years no ribs were cooked in my house.

A Cookware Party That Changed My Mind About Cooking Ribs

One day I attended a cookware party that specialized in stoneware. At the party one of the items that are for sale was a very expensive stoneware roaster. The hostess also explained how the stoneware roaster cooked food to perfection, working somewhat like a stone barbecue dug into the ground at parties and pig roasts. At then I decided to buy the roaster and give it a try after all hadn’t my husband said he wanted me to start cooking ribs.

Cooking Ribs For My Family

I followed the guidelines for cooking ribs; one rack of ribs, family’s favorite barbecue sauce and about 10 to 12 hours in the oven at 250 degrees, simple enough. I place the entire combination together and left for work. When I returned home from work that evening, my house smelled like a Hawaiian luau. The smoky barbecue and beef mingled in the air in an aroma that made everyone’s mouth water. Serving them with the combination of fresh pineapple, baked potatoes and a fresh green salad on the side, I came to comprehend what my husband found so delightful in a plate of cooked ribs.

Stoneware Roaster Cooks Like An Expensive Barbecue

I will tell you that the stoneware roaster for cooking ribs that I bought cooked the ribs to excellence. The meat literally fell off of the bones without much effort. It was tender, flavorsome and perfectly roasted. To this day my husband may grumble on the amount the money I spend but he never complains about that roaster I bought.