Air Fryer Benefits…To Fry Or To Air Fry? What’s the Answer?

One question people ask about air fryers is are they really comparable to using more traditional fryers. Well, that’s a big question and it depends on who you ask. Personally, I would say the taste is not the same although the manufacturers may dispute that. So what is the point in buying one?

There are several reasons when an air fryer would be useful in your home.

1) As you don’t need to use hardly any cooking fat or oil, they are certainly much healthier than using a deep fat fryer. The taste however is different. This certainly isn’t to say the taste is unpleasant, it is not and I use my air fryer most weeks. It’s quite difficult to describe what the difference is, but the outsides do not crisp up in the same way and do tend to go softer faster. I’ve got used to them now and enjoy not having that fatty aftertaste you can sometimes get with using a lot of cooking fat.

2) Using an air fryer is cleaner and often faster. Everyone knows that hot oil can spit and make a mess for you to clean up. The only thing to suffer with an air fryer is the inside of the machine which you can put in the dishwasher anyway! As these are so easy to set up, cooking seems much faster and less hassle. However, that said, if you are cooking for a family do make sure you get a fryer that has the capacity you need.

3) As the units are enclosed they are much safer to use than a deep fat fryer. Although the walls may get hot, there is no spitting fat and the units are enclosed. Gone are the days when you have to carry a full pan of boiling fat across your kitchen and hope you don’t trip or that a child runs into you. If you spill any, it also makes for a very slippery surface irrespective of the potential for serious burns and fires. If you have an absent minded relative, fire can be a big problem should they wander off and forget to turn it off – this happened to my mother-in-law who was lucky to escape from her home.

4) An air fryer will cook much more than just chips/fries. Although these fryers are often promoted to provide the best tasting chips and fries, depending on the make and model, you can make casseroles, curries, cakes, stir fries and much more. Most machines will come with a recipe book, but you can buy specialist books as well which will give you some great ideas. Be inventive, and try and adapt your own favourite meals.

5) Space – If you have a small home or kitchen, the footprint and versatility of an air fryer can make it pay for itself quite quickly.

Above is just a selection of why an air fryer can prove to be a valuable addition to your home. Prices have come down substantially over the last couple of years and as they have become more and more popular, the range that is available has also grown.