• Economical: Using Air Fryer help you save not only time but money. It is proved that frying with an air fryer takes 10 – 15 minutes shorter than traditional pan frying does. Besides, you are not necessary to keeping standing there (in the cooking zone) for checking whether the food is already cooked or turning over the other side of the food. Only you need to do is to set your desire temperature and timer, then let it work and you are completely free to do other things like washing clothes, watering flowers, or even watching your favorite TV programs,… The appliance will automatically turn off once the timer is done. Much more time-saving, right!? How about saving money? Deep oil frying method spends 2 to 4 Tbsp. (30 to 60 ml) cooking oil to fry Chicken Cutlets, on the other side, the air fryer only need 1 – 2 teaspoons to cook the same dish with more crunchy. Saving money from cooking oil as well as from medicine cost for curing those diseases come from consuming too much oil and fat.
  • Healthy: Air fryer brings to you the fried dishes much more healthy than other traditional cooking way does as an air fryer uses a little to no oil to prepare the food. Particularly, the cooking operating structure is to utilize the essential oil in the food to cook themselves so that the dishes made by the air fryer is less 80% fatty than the dishes cooked by traditional pan frying method. The less oil we eat, the less cholesterone we consume. The less cholesterone we eat, the less chance  we get cardiovascular diseases as well as the less fat we are.
  • Versatile: One of things that everyone loves the air fryer is its versatile, especially in the modern and busy life nowadays. Beside the main function of frying which is most popularly known, the air fryer also does has many other functions like grill, bake, toast, even dry to let you be able to prepare various kind of stunning dishes like spicy roast chicken, grilled tomatoes, chocolate lava cake, or even jackfruit chips.
  • User-friendly & safe: We can’t deny that the air fryer is more safe to use than a pan for preventing us from boiling oil splattering which may get you painful burns. Besides, the air fryer is designed for your easy manipulation because what you need to do is to put the food into the food basket, close the drawer, then turn the power on, next, set temperature and time, and let the appliance work. You may hear the “finishing” sound when it’s done or some best air fryers will automatically turn off when the timer is finished. With the user guide accompanied, I make sure that this is one of the easiest stuffs to use than any modern appliances right now.


Everything has 2 sides and so an air fryer does. An air fryer brings many benefits but there are still some disadvantageous points that you may consider when buying an airfryer.

  • Not for all recipes: to some complicated preparing dishes, you cannot cook with an air fryer instead of a pan.
  • Small capacity: Most of airfryers in the market now do not mean for a big family (over 5- 6 members)
  • To some particular dishes cooked by an airfryer are not as great as ones cooked by  the pan frying.
  • Preparing food for a party is a problem you may face if you cook by an air fryer as they are done in batches.