Commercial Microwaves Introduction

Microwaves have not only changed the home kitchen styles but have also transformed commercial kitchens as well. Other then for domestic use microwaves, there are some especially designed microwaves available in the market by different manufacturers for commercial use. Even the small home kitchen microwave can also be used in different commercial establishments such as in small offices, mini cafes and pastry shops. These microwaves are used to offer the customers and office employees hot and fresh food items.

There are number of manufacturers that are working in the field and are specialized in offering commercial microwaves that can be used by big hotels and restaurants, hospitals and health care organizations, catering services, and many others. These manufacturers offer large size commercial microwaves that work efficiently despite of their large sizes. There are number of these commercial microwaves models available that have cooking ability much faster almost 45 times then of the conventional cooking method used previously.

The commercial microwaves can be differentiated in many means from the normal house kitchen used microwaves. One of the main differences in between the commercial microwaves and the house kitchen microwave is that the home kitchen microwaves have a single magnetron which is used to convert the electricity absorbed into electromagnetic energy, on the other hand the commercial microwaves uses two magnetrons so that the conversion of the electricity absorbed can be quicker plus to get more efficient results then the home used microwaves. One another difference between the two types of microwaves is that the home kitchen used microwaves have lower power levels that normally range in between 600-900 watts, whereas the commercial microwaves use much higher levels of power that ranges in between 1000-2000watts. Different levels like light duty, medium, heavy and extra heavy duty are been included in it.

In comparison to domestic microwaves the commercial microwaves are quite rugged and tough as they are meant to withstand rough and have to be frequently uses in order to cater the stream of continuous orders at the restaurant or any commercial place. Whereas, the home kitchen used microwaves don’t have to bear that much work load plus are used in a quite more organized manner then in the commercial kitchens. The oven cavity in the home use microwave has a turntable that keep on rotating in order to make the user know that the heat is mixing evenly. But a commercial microwave requires much more sophisticated heat mixing systems in order to get best results from the microwave.

One more difference between the domestic and commercial microwaves is that the house use microwaves are made up of mild steel, on the other hand the commercial microwaves are made up of with quite tougher and thicker stainless steel that can be easily scrubbed without it getting corroded as at commercial level these microwaves have to be used so roughly and frequently so there are more chances that the microwave body can be damaged or effected.

There are number of advantages that are associated with the commercial microwaves to provide to the businesses using these commercial microwaves. First of all these commercial microwaves offers much faster pace of service to the customers visiting the hotel or restaurant. Using these commercial microwaves these restaurant or hotel staff can make their services of serving food on the customer’s table way much faster and hence, it counts in the positive reputation of the hotel or restaurant as normally visitors hate to wait for their food while dining out. Therefore, if the customer is happy and satisfied with the fast services been offered at the hotel or restaurant definitely he/she will Second benefit that the commercial organization can get from these commercial microwaves is that in majority of the cases the food gets cool while reaching the serving table from the restaurant kitchen but since, the microwave heats up the food much more then it can be from other methods therefore, the food remains hot for much longer time period if been heated using these commercial microwaves and hence the guest in the restaurant or hotel been served hot food on his/her table.

These commercial microwaves also helps a business to cut down it’s energy expenses as these commercial microwaves doesn’t requires that much energy as other options does. Therefore, from business point of view in saving money these commercial microwaves are best choices.

Due to the high demand for these commercial microwaves there are numerous manufacturers in the field that competing each other to offer best commercial microwave to its customers to make profits. Manufacturers like Sharp, Panasonic, Turbo Chef and few others are offering high quality commercial microwaves for the commercial use and also quality maintenance services as well for these commercial microwaves.