Do-it-yourself Cleaning Tips for Happier Healthier Household

It’s tough to tackle stubborn household marks and stains; but that’s no good reason to overlook them! No matter how obstinate or old the mark may be, it is always of the essence to keep your house spic and span, sparkling and reflecting the joys of an active home. There are myriad cleaning products available in the market but using them efficiently is all what it takes. This post will help you discover some easy household tips that keep your home happy and healthy. Read on!



Easy tips to sparkle-clean your washrooms

Washrooms keep you clean; your skin glowing and your hair shining. So don’t they deserve staying spotless and sparkling too? There are some old washroom rings that are hard to remove, but essential too. Dilute a regular cleaning solution with water and drop it on the rings. Let it remain for a while and then use a scrubbing brush to scour the marks away.

Often, scum or froth is built-up on shower curtains after prolonged use. This is mainly due to hard water, presence of chlorine in water or shampoo squirts. Washing them can be quite tricky, as they are usually made of plastic. When you want to wash them in a machine, also put a bathing towel or a soft, yet thick cloth in the wash tub. This will help in scrubbing the shower curtain. Wash it in delicate wash settings along with the usual amount of detergent powder or liquid.



Stains on bathtub and wash sinks too are adamant enough to double your cleaning hassles! To abridge the task, make a paste by diluting dishwashing detergent in water. Apply on the stains and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then use a non-abrasive scrubber or a nylon brush with light hands to clear the stains. Make sure you aren’t too harsh, especially on the bath tub as the glaze should not be damaged.

Handy Kitchen Tips to Ditch the Filth If you have pans and pots with stubborn residue that refuses to go away, put a bit of a dishwashing detergent or liquid and add some water to it. Boil the solution for 5 minutes. This will speed up the process and compel the residue to separate from the base.

Kitchen cabinets get greasy time to time. Cleaning them can be quite a hassle as you cannot scotch them harshly. The easiest thing to do is- spray an all-purpose cleaner on the kitchen cabinet. Let it stand for 5 minutes. Now wipe with a sponge or a mopping mat. You can also use wood finish or polish to bring back the shine and gleam. Kitchen cleaning would never end, whether you want to clean the cabinets from outside, or open them just to find some spotty cutlery with old stains that simply won’t go with regular washing.

Discarding such cutlery won’t be a good idea when you can spark-clean them with a detergent solution with higher dishwashing detergent ratio that usual. Once washed, pat them dry with a kitchen towel or even buff them to seal the shine.At times, cooking burners and stoves get caked with excessive cooking even after dispersed food and ingredients over the gas top. Soak the grates and burners in dishwashing solution for half an hour and then scour with a metallic scrubber or brush. For the cook top, simply spray the all-purpose cleaning liquid and wipe it off with a mop map after 5 minutes.

Cleaning is not just interesting; it is rewarding too. Your family and guests might not always notice the change, but it will surely save you from the embarrassing mention of visible grime and grunge.