How To Choose Portable Electric Stove

If you intend to buy an electric stove here are some points to help you make an informed decision to choose a portable electric stove which will best meet your need.

For what purpose are you buying a portable electric stove?

Your selection of a portable electric stove must be need-based. For example, if you are buying it to use on vacations or travel, your needs would be different to that of a student or a single person intending to use the stove for regular cooking. Then again some buyers might need the stove more for heating than cooking which will entirely alter the specifications. There are easily more than 20 models of Portable Electric Stove For Sale in the market. You need to identify your needs in order to narrow down the right set of mobile electric stoves to choose from. However, here are some points which will help in your selection.

1)   Portability and size

These are two critical elements if your portable electric stove is to be used for vacations, travel or camping holidays. Obviously space and weight would be of prime consideration and you should be looking for a lightweight more compact stove. Again, when camping it would be most unlikely that you’ll be using large pots so the size of the burner or hotplate will not be critical. But what you do need is an efficient unit which heats quickly and cools fast if you need to pack it away in a hurry. If however you are buying it as a kitchen stove then you will have more flexibility depending on the space available. Here a larger burner would be of advantage as you could well cook on larger pots.

2)   Will you be cooking or heating?

Some portable electric stoves are designed for heating and are impractical for cooking as they take too long to heat up. If you plan to use it as a kitchen stove make sure you select a model which is suitable for cooking with a range of temperature settings.

3)   How easy is it to clean?

This is an important factor in determining your choice. If the coils are open they become more difficult to clean though open coils are more efficient. Ensure you check this point when you are making your decision.

4)   Power of the heating element

Portable electric stoves are available with capacities ranging from 500 watts to 1300 watts with 1000 watts being the most common option. With a higher power rating you get a higher temperature which speeds up cooking time. Don’t buy a stove at the lower end of the power scale unless you want it only for heating.

5)   Temperature increments

The number of temperature settings are important. The more the temperature settings the better you can adjust the stove to your heat requirement. Also do choose a stove with a warning light to indicate that the power is on.

6)   Durability

Some portable electric stoves are made with die-cast metal bodies which makes them more rugged and durable, a desirable feature if they are required to be used when camping or travelling. Other stoves are made with a cast iron body in a stainless steel finish which is rust-free especially in humid climates.