How to Pick The Best Air Fryer


Quick-time cooking

Philips Airfryer comes with the power of 2000W, it’s absolutely able to fry and cook a big amount of food and other food taking a long time to be cooked like the whole chicken leg, some kinds of meat and fish,… in the period of time which is 10-15 minutes shorter than the traditional cooking will take.

Great smell filtering ability

Philips Airfryer also are featured the ability of filtering the food smell so that you don’t need to worry about mixing flavor of while cooking different foods together. Furthermore, smell filter and the characteristic of not using cooking oil of the Air fryer really are two of fantastic features I extremely like about Philips Airfryer because it helps you cook cleanly. You do not have to face with the situation that food smell sticks to your clothes or you will never need to clean oil spills in kitchen.

Cooking various types of foods

Besides fried dishes like fried chicken, fried potatoes, shrimp floured and fried, … Airfryer also can bake a sandwich, cracker,… and dry food such as jackfruit, fruit, coconut meat, roasted peanuts, roasted sesame, dried chestnut, … anytime by pressing the button.

Beautiful design and high-class material

The material of high-class heat-resistant PP plastic makes the equipment look luxuriously, more cleanly. In addition, the inside part of the pot is made of stainless steel covered by 3 non-stick layers which is perfect for cooking or frying any food without any sticking.

One more good point to housewives and cooks, the removable drawer and food basket are coated by a non-stick layer and are dishwasher-safe parts so that it’s very easy and quick for cleaning. This is somehow a magic to me, I do not have to spend hours for washing a pan which has the remained cooking oil, fat and food stuck in it.