How To Use A Portable Electric Stove

A portable electric stove is the ideal solution for a kitchen with limited space and the perfect alternative to a gas stove. Electric stoves are available in a single burner and two-burner configuration. In a two burner model the hotplates are of different sizes to accommodate pots of different diameters. The hotplates too are differently powered generally between 500 watts and 1300 watts. A stove powered by a 1000 watt element serves most purposes for heating and cooking. A 500 watt stove takes longer to heat and is just about enough to heat up and keep warm whatever is put on it. Most stoves are fitted with indicator lamps and a variable power adjustment through which you can regulate the heat.

How do I use the stove?

  1. Place the stove on a level base. Most stoves are fitted with non-slip feet which keep them stable and slip-proof.
  2. Insert the plug into the power outlet.
  3. Switch on so that the indicator lamp lights up.
  4. Turn the adjustable knob to the required temperature setting.
  5. Place your pot on the hotplate to start cooking. You can increase or reduce the temperature as needed.
  6. When you have finished cooking you could leave the pot on the hotplate at the minimum temperature setting to keep the contents warm. Alternately you could switch off the power supply if you have no further use for the stove. When the indicator light goes off the stove is isolated from the power source.

Are there any precautions to take?

  • Ensure that the stove is placed on a dry surface to avoid a shock.
  • Do not allow liquid or other contents to spill over onto the hotplate.
  • Make certain that the stove is switched off after use.
  • Avoid touching the stove for a while till it is totally cool.