Kitchen Exhaust Fan Introduction

The modern kitchen is much more than a place for cooking, it is the heart of the home. It is the center of activity for the entire family and an ideal place to congregate for informal entertaining. Kitchen exhaust fans are an excellent way to avoid moisture and odors as well as keeping the kitchen clear of smoke and steam.



The exhaust system includes a powerful exhaust fan that includes a silencer to minimize noise. The kitchen exhaust fans will fit into any kitchen, from single familiy homes to high rise apartments. These fans are quiet and reliable, easy to install and low on electric consumption. They are so effecient, they will keep the surrounding counters and fittings free from grease for longer.

When shopping, look for a Energy Star or other officially labeled kitchen exhaust fan system. To compare models, pay attention to the model’s Recovery Efficiency (Sones) and the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). The best models are those with higher Sones and higher CFM.

Knowing which size kitchen exhaust fan to git into your kitchen is fairly easy. Simply measure the square footage of the kitchen floor and multiply that by two to arrive at the cubic-feet-per-minute of output for the fan. For example, say your kitchen is 300 square feet, you will need a fan that must exhaust at least 600 CFM of air flow. Purchase a fan that can do that on its middle speed, and the highest speed should produce 900 CFM of air movement.

Before you buy one of the many types of kitchen exhaust fans, it is a good idea to download the manual or installation instructions from the manufacturer. These documents will often contain sizing guidelines as well as detailed step-by-step methods the manufacturer wants you to follow to keep the warranty in force. Reading these ensures that the fan you are considering is the right size and that you can satisfy the minimum installation requirements.