Portable Electric Stove For Camping

Using a portable electric stove outdoors is arguably the best way to cook when camping. A portable electric stove has many advantages over alternative options which makes it the perfect camping companion. It is light and compact, which makes it easily portable and is yet able to meet the cooking needs of the average camper. It is the preferred option to other type of outdoor cookers because of its convenience.

If you think of a gas stove, for instance, you would have to transport a stove as well as a gas cylinder, which occupies considerably more space. Then again not everyone is comfortable carrying around a gas cylinder from a safety angle. Another option when camping is to use a solid fuel or a gas fired barbecue. Both types will require more space and are far less convenient than a portable electric stove.

Portable electric stoves come in many configurations, most commonly single hotplate or dual hotplate stoves. While most campers would confine themselves to simple foods while outdoors, a single burner portable electric stove for camping would more than adequately meet the average campers cooking needs. However if you are cooking for a large number of campers a dual-burner stove would be more suitable. Almost all portable electric stoves have adjustable temperature settings through which you can set the temperature to meet your exact requirement. So if you use pre-cooked canned food, as many campers do, then you can adjust your settings to heat the contents gradually without burning the food. The stoves also have a pilot light to indicate that it is connected to the electric power supply and the hotplate or burner is hot. This helps in preventing accidents if the stove is inadvertently left on.

What is the difference between a portable electric stove for camping and one for normal use?

There is no special outdoors portable electric stove made exclusively for use when camping. You use a standard stove for both purposes but obviously in the former case you would go in for a stove that’s lighter and more compact to make it easily portable.

Where can I buy a portable electric stove for camping?

The ideal place where you can start your search for a portable electric stove is in a camping supplies store. The selection might not be as great as what you get in a normal store but what it stocks will be more suitable for what you need, and affordable. You might get something that’s a lot fancier at a greater cost, but it’s for you to decide whether it’s worth paying the additional amount for the added advantages of the stove or for the amount of use it will be put to. If you do not find the stove that meets your needs, go online and search the internet. You’ll find hundreds of online suppliers of portable electric stoves and camping supplies.

How do I make a selection?

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want a single hotplate or dual-hotplate stove. Then you will have to make a selection of the power rating which will depend on the use it will be put to. If you want something to heat fast, go for a stove with a higher power rating. Portable electric stoves come in different ratings from 500 watts to 1300 watts. A 500 watt stove is more suited to heating up rather than cooking. It is preferable to select a stove of 1000 watts with at least 4 temperature settings. Finally check out the size of the stove and its weight to choose something you can easily accommodate and transport.