Review Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – 4-burner – Propane Fueled – Restaurant Grade – Professional Quality

Want to spice up your cooking experience? Are you tired of just standing next to your BBQ waiting to flip the patties? Remember all the jokes you have missed because you were standing next to your BBQ, praying the meat is cooked? Blackstone Company is there to make your outdoor cooking experience a real fast and entertaining adventure. This high-quality outdoor grilling machine turns a dull BBQ into a festival of flavors and deliciousness.

Maybe you are wondering if griddle cooking surfaces are available to be used in your household. They definitely are, now that Blackstone Outdoor Gas Griddle Station is created just for you. Not only will this super advanced machine provide excellent results every time, but it will also boost your masculinity and play with your creativity.

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It will make you look cool and professional, and your family and friends will always be satisfied with the food. They will want to hang out at your place every weekend or purchase the grill themselves. As a result, the handy design and simple use will make this grill welcomed at numerous events and occasions.

Your grilling experience with Blackstone griddle will be on a whole new level. With all the advantages it offers, you won’t feel trapped by the grill and will quickly join the conversation. The grill heats up quickly and evenly every time, providing a perfect surface to grill different kinds of food. Its solid steel griddle is created to spread the temperature evenly across the surface, cooking the food quickly and thoroughly. The Blackstone grill also comes with four adjustable heat zones. In other words, you will be able to control the temperature and set it to your own cooking preferences.

So far this grill has received a commendable introduction. However, just as other grills of this type, the Blackstone grill griddle station also has its pros and cons. I will provide in-depth explanation of each for you final impression. Hopefully, they will be helpful with your decision to purchase this product.

Review Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station


  1. Durability And Longevity

With the first glance at this grill, you will be able to conclude that it is a high quality, durable and heavy machine. This is a metal-centered grill, with a powder coated black steel frame, and is definitely built to last. The burners are made of stainless steel, just as the cooking surface.

Additionally, the steel is thick and cold, enabling an easy cleaning process. Moreover, the machine is noticeably completely made out of steel, which further implies its possibility to rust. With this in mind,  purchasing a cover for the grill would be a good idea.

  1. Easy To Assemble

It will take you less than an hour to assemble this beast. Within the package, you will receive a manual with further instructions on how to assemble the parts, step by step. The assembly will also seem as easy as putting a little puzzle together. And not to mention, the instructions will definitely save your precious time. Of course the machine is heavy and relatively large, so if you are not able to lift it and assemble it yourself, I recommend getting a helping hand. If you do that, the assembly will be a piece of cake.

  1. Preseasoning

If you are not familiar with the term, preseasoning basically means creating a non-stick coat. You create the coat by covering the surface with oil or fat. This is a post-manufacturing treatment of the surface. Consequently, this process is a must if you don’t want your food sticking to the surface. Not only will a preseasoned surface then remain non-stick during your next cookout, but the flavours will be amazing and unique.

In order to preseason, I would recommend reading the Blackstone Company’s griddle seasoning and care guide. It provides an explanation of the process thoroughly and answers your potential questions about the process as well.

  1. Expansive Cooktop

Since this grilling beast is larger than your ordinary BBQ grill, you will be amazed with how spacious it is. The surface area is efficient and large enough to cook food for up to twenty people, without them having to wait. All of them will receive their meal at the same time. The size of the grill is particularly practical when it comes to cooking different types of food. You can create segments on the cooking surface and prepare simultaneously meats, veggies and other foods your guests desire.

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  1. Restaurant Style Cooking

Having a Blackstone grill in your backyard will definitely draw some attention. Seeing this thing in action, everyone will be amazed by your teppanyaki cooking style and skills. The restaurant style cooking of international cuisine or your local delicacies will have you returning to your Blackstone griddle. It is extremely entertaining and impressive to use since you are able to cook an abundance of food at once. As a result, your friends and family will be impressed with the tasty food you have made. While looking like a chef next to your Blackstone grill, it is your time to shine.

  1. Easy To Clean

In order to clean and maintain your griddle, you will need a scrape with a metal spatula. In addition, you can use water, a grill sponge, and paper towel. Using the scraper, you will get rid of the initial layer of food residue. If the food residue is persistent, you can always pour water on the cooking surface and let it boil. This way you will get rid of the remaining grease and  food residue.

The following step would include cleaning the cooking surface with a grill sponge or paper towel. As a matter of fact, you can also use a grill-cleaning spray if necessary. If there is rust on the cooking surface, you can easily clean it with low grain sandpaper. For further tips you can consult the Blackstone Company’s griddle care guide.

  1. Additional Features And Safety

The Blackstone grill comes with additional useful features. The steering wheels on the grill are accompanied by a locking caster. This prevents the wheels from rolling and turning the grill. With this safety device, your grill will remain immovable and safe to use.  Another safety feature is the electric spark igniter, which allows you to heat up the grill in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the grill comes with fasteners to hang your propane tank, as well as a grease cup and additional hangers. The grill also comes with a hose and a regulator, which allow you to control the flow of propane.

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  1. Grease Drainage Issues

Even though the grill comes with a large grease cup, the issue of grease drainage occurs nonetheless. Grease tends to drip down, go under the bottom of the cooking surface and down the leg. In spite of having a grease cup, the grease has no place to run. However, the issue wasn’t addressed by the Blackstone Company.

I recommend placing a bucket under the grill where the grease drips off. It is also useful to place a paper clip within the little hole above the grease cup to keep the grease from dripping. This isn’t a big of an issue overall and requires several minutes of your time to address it. Once you taste the excellent food from the grill, you will forget about the grease issues that very second.

  1. Additional Accessories

Using the Blackstone grill, you will have to purchase additional tools. You should also consider getting a scrape with a metal spatula as well as griddle and tubes cleaning tools. Additionally, purchasing a waterproof cover for your grill would be a smart investment, as it will protect your Blackstone griddle from rust. I would also recommend purchasing a melting dome. It is important to keep in mind that appropriate cleaning and preseasoning is crucial for your griddle’s durability and long-term efficiency.

  1. Warranty

Another issue worth mentioning is warranty. If there are any defects, you have a warranty of ninety days, from the day of purchase. If there is an issue with the griddle, you have a warranty of one year. The defects will be replaced by the company itself.

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Overall Impression

Generally speaking, your experience with the Blackstone grill will be undeniably adventurous and fun. It will provide excitement and bring you the joy of the outdoor cooking for your friends and family.

You may wonder if this grill is worth the price since there are similar ones much cheaper. I would say that it definitely is worthy of your money. This grill is highly durable, long-lasting and provides excellent results every time you use it. Moreover, it requires minimum maintenance and is easy to handle. All of this makes up for the grease drainage and the fact that you will need additional tools.  Those tools will not cost you more than 30$ on Amazon.

The Blackstone grill is reliable, and purchasing it will be a smart, long-term investment. Your backyard will become a gathering place for your friends and family. The smell of grilled food will make everyone happy. If you do purchase the Blackstone grill, you are in for a high-quality cooking experience. Obviously, you will tell everyone about it.