Review Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Toaster Oven with Element IQ

The Breville BOV450 XL Toaster Oven is a little less expensive compare to the 800XL and is a bit smaller as well. It retains many of the same features of as the larger Breville Oven Toasters and will take up less counter space.

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Powerful, well-designed, durable and packed with a ton of intelligent and unique features to make cooking as easy as possible, the oven is held in high regard by thousands of buyers, many of whom commend it for its ingenuity, modern appearance, practical construction and ease of use.

It can accomplish most of the same tasks as the larger models. It was more suited to snack foods or smaller snacks as opposed to big main dishes. Like the previous models, it can often be used instead of larger oven or simply to supplement a larger kitchen toaster oven.

Breville Bov450XL Cooking Made Easy

While it’s a little more expensive when compared to some of Breville’s older models, the Breville Bov450XL high end toaster oven was built to fully compensate for the price difference, equipped with high end features that will make your cooking experience entirely enjoyable.

As most Breville Bov450XL review posts tend to acknowledge, the unit is basically ready to use right out of the box. It requires a short, 15 minute heating cycle to burn away a protective coating without smoke or bad odor, and its usage instructions are extremely straightforward, so you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how it works or what it can do.

The beautifully designed LCD screen, dials and even the tempered glass door already provide you with all the information you need to start cooking just about anything. The door itself has information about which rack you should use for baking, reheating, broiling or toasting various items, and the screen will show you anything from the function used to the temperature and even the size of the pan you’ve added.

The three knobs or dials present under the LCD screen are highly commended by most Breville Bov450XL review posts due to their ease of use. They are neatly arranged to provide you with fast access to temperature, function and time controls, so you can set up everything and start up the oven within seconds of adding your trays or pans with all the desired ingredients and dishes.

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A unique asset of the Bov450XL is represented by the magnetized areas that allow the oven rack to pop out easily on its own about half way. This feature makes it easy to remove the rack without risking a burn.

This is also a very quiet and fast appliance, due to its convection cooking system, and there are tons of adjustability settings you can fiddle around with to make the most out of getting just the results you want when using unique, less common recipes.

Controls and Advanced Smart Features of Breville Bov450XL

There is a lot more to talk about when referring to this Breville oven. Aside from its practical controls and ease of use, you will also find quite a few features and assets geared to make it more hi-tech and enabling you to use it for a much wider range of cooking options when compared to average toaster ovens:

  • Larger than average, the interior of the Breville Bov450XL toaster oven measures about .8 cubic feet, allowing you to cook up to 6 pieces of toast or a large, 13 inch pizza quite conveniently.
  • Its power consumption is still kept at a practical level. The 1800 Watt oven is both strong enough to cook most of your meals quite quickly, while also remaining energy efficient, so you needn’t worry about power consumption.
  • Element IQ technology is used to maintain heating as practical as possible. The intelligent, even heat distribution it presents is a topic of praise on numerous Breville Bov450XL review pages.
  • 9 different preset settings are included that can easily be selected from a menu appearing on the back-lit LCD screen. These involve anything from warming or reheating various dishes to preparing pizza, bagels, cookies or toast.
  • For improved convenience, Breville has included a non-stick 13 inch pizza pan, as well as a baking pan, broil rack and a removable crumb tray to quickly eliminate excess crumbs after you’ve completed all your cooking tasks.

Review Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Toaster Oven

What we loved:

  • Fits smaller kitchens
  • 3 interior rack positions
  • 4 slice capacity

All of Breville Toaster Ovens are constructed quite durably. A lot of lower quality toasters use metal elements; the Breville uses quartz which we found to be better as quartz responds quicker to heat change resulting in a more even heating inside the oven.

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The heating element uses infrared heat as opposed to direct heat so you don’t get a lot of the over drying or stiffness that often results from a longer and slower heating process. Clean up is easy as the inside is coated with a nonstick material which not only can withstand high temperatures, but cleanup is a breeze. There is also a “crumb” tray which is accessible from the front, not the back like other models of less quality.

While attesting to its remarkable ease of use, many past buyers were also impressed with the technology and detail oriented effort that went into manufacturing this device. Comparing it to the toaster ovens they’ve owned in the past, most of them have said that there is truly no competition, and the Breville “wins” by far through its comprehensive functions, wide range of cooking options and presets, as well as through the sturdy construction that makes it a low maintenance, durable appliance in the long run.

And many of the unique features, such as the added interior space, the additional quartz heating elements (5 instead of the regular 4 you might find in most Breville ovens) and the auto-eject wire rack – all considered to be excellent selling points overall.

A Well-Designed Toaster Oven from Breville

The experts at Breville have definitely outdone themselves by going the extra mile to make the Bov450XL unit well worth its cost. For anything from French toast and reheated foods to baking cupcakes, cookies or muffins, the toaster oven will likely perform quite perfectly in delivering the results you’d expect.

While being a must have upgrade for those looking to switch from an older Breville model to one of the newest toaster ovens available, this unit can also be used by complete beginners.

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Also, the instructions and documentation available – together with numerous recipes – that come both with the oven and on Breville’s official website have often influenced people to write Breville Bov450XL review posts even more thrilled at the exceptionally delicious meals they were able to prepare with this little oven.