Review Canary and Flex Security Camera – Starter Pack – (1 Canary Security Unit and 1 Flex Security Unit) – Black

Now a days there are many home security products that all give you a certain expectation or standard they say they’ll provide but sadly many fall short. Along with various products I was able to investigate the inner workings of a brand new security system named Canary. This device comes in a sleek black design and can be placed indoors and outdoors. It’s works like a silent watcher all around your property and can capture hours of surveillance throughout your home.

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Review Canary and Flex – Starter Pack

It comes equipped with a central monitoring device and a secondary video piece. More pieces can be ordered to provide overall monitoring within your home. The camera captures movement at 1080 pixels and includes night vision. The device also features detection of even the faintest signs of motion and slight changes in temperature. It can detect air quality as well so as to detect carbon monoxide and sense other toxins entering your home.

It can also be accessed wirelessly through a smartphone on the canary app as well as any other canary devices. The app also provides simple installation and support. Basically download, connect to your home’s wifi and your all set.

The system allows 12 hours of playback, but anything past that requires a monthly subscription to their cloud storage of at least $4.99 per month and $49/ annually. Different benefits are offered depending on how much you pay a month but overall it provides 2-year warranty, 24/7 incident support, insurance deductible up to $1,000 and a variable amount of hours of recorded history. Finally it provides a 90-decibel, or for those who are bit taken a back on sound measurements, it’s ridiculously loud.

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Some cons that are presented in the device are mostly surrounding the lack of actual monitoring and notification to the authorities. For example, it doesn’t automatically contact the police during a robbery. It will notify you immediately of an intruder and sound the alarm but you ultimately have to contact them yourself to receive a response. The other thing is its functionality with multiple devices. Each Main piece is linked to one other camera. If you have a substantially large property and are in need of more than two sets of cameras then you’ll need to purchase a multiple main pieces to be linked with their side counterparts. The other issue that was mentioned by consumers was the inability to download the video after it has been sent up to the cloud for storage. So there is no real way to send that to law enforcements directly.


Overall it is an excellent device for monitoring and surveillance in and out of your home, it is not my choice for an alarm system. I feel that it has several great components to it but it lacks the major part which is the actual notification of authorities to respond to an actual robbery when in need.

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