Review Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven Broiler, Stainless

If you’re looking for a well-designed, high powered toaster oven with all the control options and accessibility related advantages you can think of, Cuisinart TOB-195 review pages may definitely be worth a closer look.

The TOB-195 is a compact, practical toaster oven with an 0.6 cubic inch interior that was built to last and to be used in practically all your cooking endeavors – whether you’re more interested in toasting, or you like baking cookies, broiling chicken or cooking up some great quality pizza.

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High End Controls and Functions of Cuisinart TOB-195

As you’d probably be able to find out from most Cuisinart TOB-195 review posts, the highly accurate digital touch-pad controls of the unit are often held in high regard. There are a few very important advantages these control features have to offer when it comes to making your cooking experience a lot easier:

  • First of all, the placement of the controls themselves is quite an advantage. A lot of countertop and side space is saved, since all the buttons and the display are placed at the bottom.
  • Although there are multiple controls for all the features and functions incorporated in the Cuisinart TOB-195, review posts point to the ease that most users have experienced from the well-organized placement of each control type. You get the timer and display neatly arranged on the right hand side, while baking and broiling controls are on the left, and the middle section is reserved for toast, defrosting, re-heating and bagel functions.
  • The temperature and time settings can be adjusted to excellent accuracy since all the controls are digital. You can be sure you’ll get the best results with any recipe and take all the guesswork out of the equation.
  • A very useful alarm is provided to let you know exactly when the oven is at the right temperature to start placing your items inside.
  • The interior features non-stick walls that are extremely easy to clean, a quality also provided with the various racks and trays included into the package which can neatly be placed on the upper or lower position, depending on what you want to cook.
  • For toasting, the unit features a well-designed digital shade controller that accurately follows your lead in maintaining the heat at optimal levels.

Most Cuisinart TOB-195 review posts point to these features and qualities as being some that would truly define the value of the appliance in terms of convenience. However, there are many others that you may want to take a closer look at, especially if you want to know more about the technical specifications of the unit.

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Cuisinart TOB-195 Have Flexible Cooking Capabilities

The fact that the TOB-195 is a 6-slice convention toaster oven with broiling and baking capabilities truly makes it stand out among its peers. Not only is it able to broil at high temperatures and fit in some rather large items once you remove the upper tray, but it has two different baking functions – one for convection baking and one for preparing pizza.

The Cuisinart supports a large, 12 inch pizza which makes its size quite considerable compared to common toaster ovens, and you can also add up to 6 slices of toast at once. In fact, the unit has a special button you can use for cooking 4-6 slices, and there are reheating and defrosting controls in place for TV dinners and various types of frozen food.

Its flexible use doesn’t stop there, of course, since the TOB-195 also comes with a bagel setting that makes it easy to prepare the most delicious bagels. Also, there’s a Total Touch timer and clock setting that allows you to further customize your cooking experience.

The interior was made to maximize heat retention, so you can be sure that the temperature is always accurate – even when broiling, despite the fact that you’d have to leave the door slightly ajar during the process. Like the interior, the conveniently placed crumb tray is also very easy to clean, so that maintenance is a snap when using this unit.

Review Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Oven Broiler

The Cuisinart TOB-195 toaster oven is a bit pricier but serves as a great counter top supplement to a main kitchen oven, perfect for side dishes and desserts.  This toaster oven is quite multi-functional and has modern looking touchpad controls and a stainless steel handle which gives it a great modern look.

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It can fit up to a twelve inch pizza and the controls are below the door which saves precious counter space.  There is a digital temperature control so you never have to guess as well as an alarm which lets you know when your unit has arrived at the desired temperature

Here’s what we loved:

  • Six slice capacity
  • Modern and sleek look
  • Electronic touch pad controls

One of the first things people who buy the Cuisinart TOB-195 tend to love about it is its orderly and aesthetically appealing appearance. With neatly arranged trays and controls, as well as a compact design that allows you to fit the appliance just about anywhere in your kitchen, no one really found any flaws with it in terms of its construction and appearance.

Cuisinart TOB-195 toaster oven heats up in just a few minutes, and adding ingredients and food items to the trays or racks is extremely easy. Moreover, the whole process of programming it to just the right settings for your recipe will only take about a minute, so when it comes to versatility, reviewers simply love this unit.

The digital temperature and timer settings have also earned it quite a few good points, and most past buyers have pointed out that its baking and broiling features work perfectly. Also, since it’s a Cuisinart, you probably won’t be surprised when you see how many past buyers have been using this appliance for more than 5 years without a problem.

Its low maintenance, ease of use and comprehensive cooking functions have made it easily one of the top most favored high end Cuisinart toaster ovens available.

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A Versatile and Well-Designed Toaster

When it comes to buying a Cuisinart toaster oven, TOB-195 models are some of the most sought out appliances out there, not only because of their shiny exterior and easy to use controls, but also because they rarely break down, and are considered to be some of the most efficient units for baking, broiling or toasting just about anything you can fit into them.

The well-built architecture of the oven makes it light and compact, yet highly durable, without taking away any of its accuracy when it comes to managing the time and temperature of your cooking tasks.