Review Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 cu. ft. Compact All Refrigerator, Black

If you have a small apartment, or you need is simply a freezerless refrigerator, this Danby Compact fridge will definitely meet your needs. This is a great bar fridge you can use for your weekend parties at home or as a fully functional fridge for your small living space. It will fit well every kitchen and will definitely save space with its compact design.

What sets this fridge apart from the competition is the fact that it has no freezer. It is an all-refrigerator design, used intelligently to save space by removing the needless freezer. Compact refrigerators that come with freezers often don’t perform very well. They tend to compromise the function of both the freezer and refrigerator, so neither section is fully functional.

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The Danby company has managed to become a leading refrigerator producer, and this compact fridge is just on example of their high-quality output. For such a compact and relatively small refrigerator, the Danby compact refrigerator is a massive machine.

Moreover, it uses the same compressor and replaceable relays as other compact refrigerators nevertheless gets cold much quicker than other fridges.

Review Danby DAR033A6BDB 3.3 cu. ft. Compact All Refrigerator

The benefits of owning this refrigerator are numerous, so let’s take a look at some strengths and weaknesses of this appliance.


  • Outstanding retro inspired design

Having this fridge in your apartment or home will attract the attention of your visitors. Regardless of the color for the fridge you chose, the mat-finished top and the glossy sides will leave everyone interested. The design of the fridge is practical and useful, so you will get a lot from this 3.3 cu.ft capacity fridge.

The curved outlines of the fridge, as well as the logo,  are reminiscent of the retro-style refrigerators. The vintage look makes the fridge more interesting and it will be a breath of fresh air for your interior design.

The practical design also includes stretch-resistant top and glass shelves, that can be adjustable to your liking. The inside of the fridge is clearly visible due to the interior lighting. This classic retro modern twists design is far from boring, and so will be your kitchen if your purchase this particular fridge.

  • Interior and exterior usefulness

Since this refrigerator comes with a mat-finished, scratch-resistant top, you can use it as a working space. The interior of the fridge offers customizable shelves for your condiments and bottles. You will get additional space in the door by removing the egg tray. The shelves are coated with nice white and bright color, that matches perfectly the dark exterior design. This refrigerator features two and a half tempered glass shelves for maximum storage versatility as well.

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  • Temperature oscillation

Many customers seemed to have problems with adjusting the temperature for their Danby refrigerator. In regards to what products you keep in the fridge, it will tend to oscillate in temperature. The temperature can drop down to 24F and then rise to 40F in just six hours.

Unfortunately, this can lead to several issues, one of them being the deterioration of the products in the fridge. This fridge seems to fluctuate too much on the temperature to be useful for meat storage especially. If you are a meat user, make sure you are aware of this little mishap before purchasing the Danby compact refrigerator.

My Opinion

The Danby compact refrigerator is the practical, useful and appealing piece of kitchen appliance that you should definitely try out. Moreover, if your apartment lacks room or you simply want a compact fridge at your vacation cottage, this fridge will be a definite win for you. If you set aside the issue with temperature fluctuation, you will be satisfied with this refrigerator. Otherwise, it can cause you trouble and you should reconsider this purchase.

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