Review Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove

If you are looking for an electric stove that can provide you heat and at the same time a relaxing atmosphere against stress, then Dimplex CS33116A electric stove is the perfect selection.  It can also provide an intimate and romantic feeling during cold nights.  These are just some of the reasons why it is considered as one of the best electric fireplaces in the market.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from this Product?

Dimplex CS33116A electric stove is ideal for individuals and families who do not want to endure the hassle of purchasing woods or fuel as well as inhaling fumes. It is also perfect for those who enjoy the look of dancing flames while relaxing, reading and hanging out with friends or family.

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Product Description

Dimplex CS33116A Electric Stove is a safe, heating system which is similar to portable fireplace. This compact unit comes with 3D fire replication inside the chamber that delivers an illusion of cracking, natural fire.  It can warm a room with an area of 10ft. by 12ft. at maximum heat of 5,115 BTU.

Every home nowadays can enjoy the spiritual and soothing enhancement which is being offered by this electric fireplace. With on/off heat setting, it can uplift the mood anytime all throughout the year.  It is freestanding and portable fireplace which can be moved from one room to another conveniently. Dimplex CS33116A has a dimension of 20.3 inches by 23.5 inches by 13 inches (W x H x D) and weighs about 35 pounds.

Dimplex CS33116A electric stove Features and Specifications

  • electric fireplace with three-dimensional flame technology that provides realistic-looking fire
  • fan-forced heater offers heat at 5,115 BTUs
  • venting is not required
  • on-demand heat  and has thermostat control to warm an area or room at about 400 square feet maximum
  • price ranges from $145-$150

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This specific model of Dimplex electric stove delivers a soothing flame and traditional appearance in small package. The quality is superior with its tough steel located on the sides, durable finishes and MDF or medium-density fiberboard. This premium construction ensures that the electric stove will work for a long time thus your investment is well protected.  The log set of Dimplex CS33116A is hand-crafted and appears very realistic.  Each set is unique to a certain unit that provides additional touch of genuineness.

This electric fireplace is uniquely designed with its original flame technology and considered as the most realistic-looking flame available. With this, Dimplex CS33116A electric stove provides a calming atmosphere with heat or even without heat for continuous ambiance all year round.  It is also easy to set-up because it is already completely assembled upon delivery. There is no need to follow complex instruction because what you just need to do is to position it anywhere you want and then plug it in any 120 volt socket.  No piping or venting is required that makes things a lot easier.  Furthermore, Dimplex CS33116A is portable, making it convenient to transfer from one place to another without exerting too much effort.

According to most Dimplex CS33116A reviews, this electric stove also shows that it is safe to use.  The tempered glass in front always remains cool even after several hours of using it.  You can also enjoy the fireplace ambiance without worrying that your pets or children will get hurt. Since it does not use dangerous propane, there is no harmful combustion or does not emit dangerous carbon monoxide.  Therefore, this electric stove is good for the environment.  Dimplex CS33116A is also economical to use as it only cost around 1 cent every hour if operating with flame or 9 cents every hour with heat and flame.


Although it is a fact that Dimplex CS33116A electric stove provides the warmth that you need during cold days, it may not be enough to keep you warm during extreme winter condition.   That is why you need to consider this factor when planning to purchase this item. However, there is just minor issue as you can have another source of heat while having Dimplex CS33116A as back-up.

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Overall, Dimplex CS33116A electric stove is an excellent heating system that can provide you both warmth and relaxing ambiance whenever you need it.  It boasts plenty of astonishing features that you and your family will surely love.  In addition, Dimplex CS33116A is considered a great purchase for the price as it can definitely withstand the test of time.