Review FALK Cookware Set 5 pieces Falk Copper Classical Line Starter

Falk Culinair Copper Cookware is often compared to Mauviel cookware, both have excellent qualities. Falk is company in Belgium, north of Brussels in Wespelaar. They started making copper cookware some thirty years ago, while not as old Mauviel, Falk was the first one to introduced stainless lining into the copper cookware. Before Falk’s introduction of stainless lining in the copper cookware, most were using tin as a lining to the copper cookware, Falk changed all that by developing a technology which permanently bonds a very thin sheet of stainless onto the copper utensil.

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  • Heavy-Duty 2.5mm professional-grade copper cookware.
  • Our bimetal consists of 2.3mm of copper bonded to 200 microns of stainless steel
  • Cast Iron Handles
  • Low-maintenance Brushed Copper Finish
  • Handcrafted by Falk Culinair in Belgium.

Review FALK Cookware Set 5 pieces

Pros and Cons

The Falk Culinair is heavy, just like a cast iron skillet. Like any other copper cookware, you cannot put this one on the dishwasher because the acid found on some soaps may tarnish the cookware. The recommended care procedure is to hand wash using BarKeepers Friend with Scotch Brite. You can only get it exclusively in the US from

Falk Culinair cookware is very easy to clean, the satinated finish, which is both beautiful and functional allows for a simple clean up that will require only Scotch Brite. More stubborn stains can be cleaned by just using vinegar and salt, then scrub it with Scotch Brite. The Falk Culinair pans respond to heat quickly and react extremely well to flame adjustments. Heat is distributed evenly across all surfaces of cookware; there are almost no hot spots.

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The cast iron handles are well balanced and very ergonomic, they do get warm to the touch and might get hot, but less quickly than aluminum or brass. The Falk Culinair does not have a shiny finish, the exterior is brushed which means finger print smudges are less of a problem, Falk thinks that brush finish is a more sensible design than shiny finish. The Bimetal bonding technology of Falk ensures that you the cookware will not need re-lining for a long time, this technique harnesses the conductive advantages of copper and the safety of a very inert metal, such as stainless to provide a very efficient cooking surface.

Falk Culinair cookware is for the professional chef; there are many celebrity chefs who prefer to use Falk. On the FAQ section of, it is mentioned that Tyler Florence does prefer to use Falk equipment. Home chefs can consider the Falk cookware too, if money is not an object, you can expect to pay $1,200 for a set. Falk has a copper chef set which includes the typical pieces of what a chef needs, a casserole, saucepan, sauté pan, a cover and a frying pan. The higher than average price tag should be viewed from a long-term perspective, Falk Culinair cookware is very durable and probably indestructible, hence in the long term it is cost savings, and in the medium term to long term, cooking with copper does result to gas or electricity savings.

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