Review FOOD SHIELD Vacuum Sealer Works with Ziploc and Vacuum Chamber Pouches

Firstly , I have to tell you all that this FOOD SHIELD vacuum sealer can pack everything including liquids and powders. And this is a caution you have to pay attention before buying – The embossed bag cannot be sucked. Only seals are possible…in deep details , embossed bag is the bag used for usual home vacuum sealer like food saver. This machine uses flat bag (no embossed part inside) like VacMaster bag.

This FOOD SHIELD vacuum sealer also has a bigger water cup capacity than normal water cup which is about 3.4 time bigger …it can seal tightly because of silicon cushion has patterns on the surface.


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FOOD SHIELD is a vacuum sealer that designed to work with Zipper bags and “Vacuum Chamber Pouches.

Following bags are suitable with FOOD SHIELD :
– Nylon-poly bags (Recommended bags are “VacMaster 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches”…(cannot be used with embossed bags or rolls for other types of sealers.)

-Mylar bags …(Cannot be used with gusset bags)


Review FOOD SHIELD Vacuum Sealer Works with Ziploc and Vacuum Chamber Pouches

FoodShield has a built-in liquid separation container, so it 100% can vacuum seal liquids and powders…there is a chamber in the rear meant to catch any liquids or powders that might get inadvertently sucked into the system…FOOD SHIELD vacuum sealer uses 110V plug.



To seal, press the nozzle button while vacuuming (the motor inside is working). The nozzle will be stored in the unit and sealing automatically begins…please keep in mind that don’t press the start/stop button before pressing the nozzle button. The length(wide) of bag to seal with this sealer has to be less than 260mm (about 10 inch).

This vacuum sealer can seal jars !! it’s compatible with the standard vac hose and Mason jar vac attachments.

For me , I can seal around 250 bags per hour. By vacuuming and sealing, I can seal around 150 bags/hour – The amount of bags I can seal is up to the size of the bag (it used time to vacuum).

Due to it can seal liquids, so it has no automatic stop when vacuum is detected when you sealing a bag of liquid…You would empty the bag of liquid before an auto vacuum sensor would trigger.

The machine will stop if the heater overheats but I can use it more than 1 hour without any problems now.

The maximum thickness of mil mylar bag is 4 mm…howevre, the ideal is 3 mm.

You can control the process of vacuum and seal completely. So, you can stop the vacuum process before it crushes the delicate items.

Cleaning tube can suck the water from the cup so the maintenance becomes much easier.

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With FOOD SHIELD Vacuum Sealer, you can use ziplock bags or camber bags to pack your foods which helps to save a lot of money from buying other expensive bags.

However, if the material in ziplock bags isn’t thick enough, it tends to suck in the bag because this prevents it from taking air out of the bag.

FOOD SHIELD Vacuum Sealer has a very small size compare to other sealers. Uaing small area to store it on your kitchen counter. For me, I rate it as a very good vacuum sealer and it’s a lot quieter than the others also 🙂

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