Review Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Your apartment is small and you don’t have enough room for a regular-size washer? Do you also have issues with the standard plumbing and therefore can’t find a suitable device? Then look no further. The Haier portable washer will fit perfectly your small apartment and meet all your preferences.

The portable washer can be rolled out when needed, and after the washing is done, put it simply back into the closet. This little washer will have your clothes clean in no time, and even more, you won’t even notice it is there.

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The Haier portable washer can handle up to 6 pounds of clothes. One of the main features, however, is that comes with spin-drying facility. This is important because you clother will then dry much faster, due to the fast motor spin.

Review Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Without further ado, let’s look into some of the weaknesses and strengths of this little portable washer. The further paragraphs will provide additional details about the features of the washer. If you are interested, than keep reading.


  • The washing system

The Haier portable washer comes with an interesting washing system. The system includes normal and strong washing, as well as anti-wrinkle washing system. Furthermore, it offeres a variety of washing cycles. From short wash cycle, delayed washing cycle to automatic programs, this portable washer provides an abundance of operations.

With this in mind, you can conclude that this portable washer has almost the same functions as a regular washing machine. The Haier portable washer has three water levels and 3 washing cycles. It also comes with an end-of-cycle signal and other electronic controls, for example, LED indicators.

The integrated Pulsator system in the washing machine will be gentle on your laundry. The system will help the washer remove the dirt and stains most effectively. Owners of the Haier portable washer praise it for its efficient washing, air drying and ability to keep the clother overnight without causing additional wrinkles.

  • Small and useful

One of the main reason of the Haier’s portable washer popularity is the fact that it can fit almost anywhere. It is especially popular among people with small apartments, small bathrooms or kitchens as well as other types of limited space.

The measurments of 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30 inches prove that this little unit won’t take up from your already small space. It will, nevertheless, do the job excellently, just like any other regular-size washing machines.

This model weighs 43 lbs, which makes it one of the lightests portable washers out there. The dimensions of this portable machine enable it to fit small and tight spaces. The bottom of the washer have installed rolling casters, which also enable easy mobility.

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  • Quiet operation

With its simple construction and small size, the haier portable washer is definiely one quiet device. The Haier portable washing machine will provide quiet operation and won’t disturb your everyday routine or work that you do at home. You won’t even notice it is there and active.

  • Can help you save energy

This portable washer may not be the most energy-efficient washing device out there, but it is definitely tilting towards energy-saving performance. The Haier washer uses up to 214 kilowatts of energy per year when it is used once or twice per week.

The number translates into 23$ per year, which is definitely a little higher than other energy efficient models, but also better than the regular washing machines. Moreover, it is most certainly less cotly than using laundromat. Not to mention, easier and time-saving.


  • Possible leakage after few uses

Some owners have remarks regarding the issue with leaking. Many even reported that leaking happened after only few weeks of normal use. The leaking usually starts toward the middle of the end washing cycle, when the motor is supposed to spin the fastest.

If you tried to plug out the washer, that would not help stop the leaking. The best thing to do is is check the drain hose within the machine. If you don’t find it to be leaking, than keep looking for the source of leakge. The links in the washing machine are weak and that might be one of the causes of the trouble.

Otherwise, try contacting the Haier company for parts and labor warranty that you can use for an entire year.

There can also be some manufacturing issues, since the parts you receive may not all be in the perfect condition. This may also be one of the causes of the leakage problem.

  • Doesn’t have all standard features

Even though it has many useful features, it does lack some standard ones. The only standard feature the Haier portable washer has was end-of-cycle signal. This feature is undeniably useful, but it does not compromise for the fact that the washer does not have a time-remaining indicator, delay start and detergent dispenser.

  • Issue with water pumping and overloading

One of the several issue with this portable washer include the diffculty of pumping the water out of the washer. The machine also seem inable to remove the water in the first place, and this can also bi ascribed to the defects with the washich machine and its parts.

There were also reports that this portable washer tends to stop working completely due to clothes overload. The load problems usually appear after several washing cycles, even though you have followed the instructions of not crossing the recommended weight number.

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The Haier portable washer is definitely useful due to its size, quiet operation and fast motor spin which makes the washer time-saving. However, the potential owner need to bear in mind all the weakneses of this portable washer and the possibility of leakage and other aforementioned issues.

As much as it is useful when working properly, it is equally far from being useful when the washer stops working due to overloading and other defects.

Before purchasing this particular model, make sure you read thoroughly several reviews. Take in consideration all advatages and disadvantages of owning the Haier portable washer. This will help you make the decision of whether you should go on with this purchase or not.