Review Hamilton Beach 22708 Toaster, 2-Slice Toaster Can Switch to be Oven

This unit is a 2 in 1 compact toaster and mini oven. It has a two slice normal size toaster as well as an oven portion that will accommodate up to two sixteen inch pizza slices. It’s perfect for multi-tasking as you can toast bread and cook something at the same time. There is a simple level side that is used to switch from toasting to cooking. This toaster helps you save space in your kitchen, and is capable of quick heating simultaneously. You just have to slide a lever and it will easily switch from toaster to oven or backwards.

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Throughout the entire year, parents must manage family schedules and every member has to multitask their day, working hard to fit more cooking in their daily routine. Investing in this Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-Slice, two-in-one machine will surely make cooking more convenient and easier. Moreover, this appliance has a built-in control signal, to detect when the bread is ready and trigger an automatic shut off. This really is smart cooking!

Features of the Hamilton Beach 22708 – Review of Its Main Technical Characteristics

Here is what you should know about this toaster before buying it:

  • It is a two-in-one compact mini oven and toaster that can save you space on your kitchen countertop.
  • It can accommodate two bread slices or two 16-inch pizza slices.
  • You can get consistent results thanks to the electronic oven-temperature and toast-shade controls.
  • The device has a slide function lever which can switch it easily from toaster to oven and vice versa.
  • The removable crumb tray allows easy cleaning up.
  • An automatic shut-off system turns the device off when toasting is ready.
  • The dimensions are 16 × 9 × 8 inches.
  • It weighs 8 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is 9 pounds.
  • The product is built according to the electrical standards in place in North America.

Review Hamilton Beach 22708 Plastic, 2-Slice Toaster

The toaster portion has a timer but the oven does not have a timer or automatic shut off feature.  The Hamilton Beach 22708 is a pretty compact unit and the inside of the oven is quite small, but it was never intended to replace a full sized kitchen convection oven.   The oven part is probably more suitable for heating up smaller items such as a Danish and uses tubes instead of a heated coils.

Here’s what we loved:

  • Small and compact, takes up little space
  • Can toast and bake at the same time
  • Electronic temperature controls ensure consistent and even cooking

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Hamilton Beach 22708 Review of Pros & Cons

There are many reasons why this toaster oven makes a great addition to any kitchen. First of all, it is sleek, appealing and fashionable. This is important when you want it to fit in your elegant kitchen, as it easily matches any decor.

The Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-slice has a small footprint and brings dual-duty functionality, meaning that it can fit even in a compact apartment, RV kitchen or boat galley. Its top toast slot can accommodate bagels, Texas toast or English muffins as well, because it is extra wide.

As you have already found out in this Hamilton Beach 22708 review, with the help of a simple lever, you can conveniently switch from toaster to oven. The device can be used on different occasions, such as breakfast, dinner, lunch or snacks.

You can set the temperature dial anywhere on a scale between 200 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you can follow the indications in modern recipes, which refer exactly to certain temperatures needed for cooking. A dial indicator is meant to be used when you are setting the desired shade of your toast, so that everyone be satisfied with the color of their toast, from golden to dark brown. The oven comes with a removable rack and a baking pan as well.

There are a few cons that some users have outlined in their Hamilton Beach 22708 review. One of them refers to the absence of a built-in timer. This is, however, a minor issue, although you would have to time the cooking sessions using alternative means. It will only be an inconvenient if you are already used to toaster ovens with incorporated timers.

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The absence of a dedicated on/off switch means that the device does not completely shut off, unless you unplug it from the outlet, but that does not mean you cannot leave it in stand-by for a while.

The oven is describes as small, but working perfectly for crisping up things of small size or heat them. It is so effective because it uses tubes instead of heated coils.