Review Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and Hot Water on Demand, Programmable, Platinum

Are you a coffee devotee? Is coffee a crucial part of your morning routine? Imagine haveing that perfect cup of coffee every morning waiting for you on the kitchen counter.

Then Keurig K575 coffee maker will be your new favorite thing in the kitchen. This time-saving device will have your coffee brewing in the morning, and you will be out of the door in no time…the Keurig K575  is a programmable and automatic capsule coffee maker. It brews all types of coffee with a range of brewing options. This coffee maker will provide an unique coffe-making experience in the comfort of your own home.

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….but what exactly provides this new type of enjoying your coffee. This coffe-maker has  additional features that no other coffee-maker even has. The Keurig K575 has a programme of automatic coffee pod recognition.

As a result, the machine recognizes the inserted pod and optimazes the coffee-making process. You also have the option of manually customizing the settings for your peronal preferences and taste.

Another interesting fact regarding this coffee maker is the updated temparature control that enables you a perfect cup of hot coffee. With the highest settings on, your coffee will be hotter than if you were to use any other coffe-maker model. If you don’t want your coffee to be sizzling hot, feel free to customize the temparature settings. Creating the perfect cup of coffe is a piece of cake with the Keurig K575.

Review Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

This seems to be the ultimate coffe-maker judging be the highly commendable introduction. I will turn now to the discussion of advantages and disadvatages when it comes to owning the Keurig K575.


  • Tech equipment

The Keurig K575 comes an impressive array of tech-features. The most interesting ones would be the XL color touch screen, coffee strength control, temparature control as well as customazable features like nighlight and wallpapers. The tech equipment allows you to have more control over the coffee-making process.

There are also settings if you want to make other beverages, like mocha, chai or hot cocoa, and you can save your favorite settings.

  • Maintenance

The coffe-maker is really easy to clean, which is always a convenient charasteristic. You will only need to use soapy water and a soft cloth. The water tank and the drip tray and not safe to clean in the dishwasher, so bear in mind to clean those the same way as well.

The inside of the machine is also extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the housing, the pod holder and the base. Also, clean these parts with soapy water and soft cloth. You can simply just use a soft damp cloth for faster drying and storing.

  • Additional simplification

Unlike the previous models, the Keurig K757 has introduced an abundance of simplified using instructions. With the touch of a single button, you are allowed to use  a variety of brew sizes, from 4oz cups to a 30oz carafe.

Additionally, dispensing a required amount of hot water has also been simplified, alongside the strength and temaparute control options. Moreover, the coffe-maker is now able to brew up to 12oz of plain hot water (for tea, etc.).

  • Chose from your favorite brands

This coffe-maker is compatible with more than 500 varieties of coffee, tea, specialty beverages and even iced beverages. In fact, you can chose from over 75 brands you know and love. The only thing you need to do is just look for Keurig Brewed® seal on your favorite varieties of K-Cup and K-Carafe packs. The rest is up your Keurig K575 and it is that easy.

  • K-Cups

With each Keurig K575, you will receive 6 K-Cup pods. There is also the option of multiple K-Cup pod brewing size, ranging from 12 oz of single cups, 18oz of travel mug and 30 oz of carafe. For the up to 30 oz of carafe you will need to use K-Carafe pods, in order to get more coffee when you need it. Bear in mind that K-Carafe pods are sold deparately.

  • The 80 oz Water Reservoir

This large water reservoir allows you to brew more than 10 cups before refiling.  Since it is removable, it is really easy to refill it  whenever you need to. In order to brew coffee, or other beverage, make sure the water tank is topped up.

Speaking of water, every two months your Keurig K575 will remind you that the water filter need to be changed. The message will appear on the screen, prompting you to purchase a new filter.

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  • K-Cups only compatible with a single device

K-Cup can, unofrtunately, only be used with the Keurig K575. This may be a major weakness and disadvantage if you have planned to purchase this coffee-maker and already own several K-Cups from previous models. With this in mind, make sure you are ready to face some limitations with you new coffee-maker.

  • Brewer’s entrance needle cleaning

There might a time when you will need to clean the brewer’s entrance needle, and it won’t be fun. Even though a maintenance accessory is supplied, many customers had troubles with fitting the accessory into the pod holder.

In order to clean the clogged grounds, you will need to lift and lower the handle several times, as well as flush through some clean water. You will also have to use a paperclip if you want to clean the exit needle. All of this sounds time-consuming, however, it won’t have to be done often.

  • Slower and louder

In order to make your coffee stronger and hotter, the Keurig K575 had to be slowed down. Unlike the previous models, this coffee-maker brews coffee much slower and  has an intermittent percolation. Additionally, it is also a little louder than the old models.

Another remark, that might not be as important, is the fact that you will have to wait up to three minutes for the coffee-maker to heat up for the first cup.

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My Opinion

The K575 is sold as the ultimate Keurig pod coffee maker and it definitely lives up to its reputation. It offers and abundance of features and it is very functional. You can easily use it to make excellent coffee in your own home, and even though it is a bit slower then the previous models, it is still a time-saving coffee-making option.

You will always end up with a deep-flavored, hot coffee you can enjoy on your way to work or at home in a more relaxing manner. If you are new to Keurig coffee-makers, take this model into consideration. If you already own a Keurig model, I would suggest reconsidering this purchase carefully, as you may not be as satisfied with the K575.