Review The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer

If you are looking for a compact, practical and useful dryer than the Laundry Alternative Nina soft spin dryer might me what you were looking for. This energy-efficient, time-saving and powerful dryer will have your clothes dried in no time.

This unit is perfect for people who can’t use traditional washers or driers, as well as for those who want to reduce energy consumption and cost. This dryer works excellently, so if you live in dorm rooms or small apartments, you can finally stop using a laundromat.

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If you are more of a traveler, you still need clean and dry clothes. The Nina soft spin dryer will help you too. It is especially convenient when traveling in RV, or if you are simply camping. The dryer uses a regular outlet to plug and has the job done in no time.

The drying time should be just as quick as a cycle in compact clothes or regular washer. This is where the Nina soft spin dryer excels when compared to similar dryers in the product industry. It removes all the excess water successfully, which is something regular washers and dryer can’t brag about.

Review The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer

Let’s take a closer look at why the Nina soft spiny dryer might be your next favorite purchase. In the following paragraphs, you will read a thorough examination of the dryer’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Lighter And More Convenient

If you have expected this drier to be heavy and bulky than you were mistaken. This drier is lightweight, which enables easier use, convenience and easy mobility. The Nina soft spin dryer comes with a built-in handle that pops up and down and will enable it to be portable. This feature also keeps bending to a minimum.

Moreover, since this portable dryer weighs only 15lbs, and has a power of 136 W, it is approximately 100 times as energy efficient as regular portable dryers or some regular portable washing machines.

This dryer is also convenient because it can be either used for a single item or to dry up to 22 pounds of wet laundry.

  • Simpler And Durable Design

The latest Nina soft spin dryer comes fit a simple on/off function. This feature enables exceptionally easy use. You simply have to close the lid, slide in the flexible pink safety cover on top of the clothes and under the inner chamber rim. Then you have to close the hatch and the machine will automatically turn on and get to work. When the dryer has completed the cycle, gently pull the latch and the lid will automatically open as well. It is that simple to use.

When it comes to other design feature, it is important to mention the superior materials the dryer is made of, as well as the detail-oriented approach to the device. The laundry Alternative company has produced a device that is efficient, reliable and long-lasting

On average, the Nina soft spin dryer lasts about 25 years. This number is exceptional because nowadays, devices are made to last up to 2 or three years, five if you are lucky. Offering such a durability and long-lasting efficiency is definitely something to keep in mind.

  • Efficient And Eco-Friendly

When you use the Nina soft spin dryer, you can expect that the 90% of your wet clothes will be dry in under three minutes. Taking into consideration the capacity of the dryer, it will take you a half an hour to get all of your clothes dry, which is impressive when compared to similar units.

Since this unit uses less energy than regular portable dryers, it’s not only energy-efficient but also eco-friendly. This dryer is an excellent alternative to a regular, larger washing machine if you want to save money, time and energy and also contribute to the eco-friendly initiative.

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  • High-quality and gentle drying

The Nina soft spin dryer will always provide excellent results. It uses high-quality drying technology in order to have your clothes not only dry fast but also more thoroughly dry than other units can do.

Since it uses an exceptional spin speed, you would expect it to harm your clothes too. Heat may destroy your clothes and bake it in soap and other detergents, However, this unit does not use heat, or hot air to achieve effective results, so the Nina soft spin dryer is more gentle on the fabrics and clothes.


  • Small Capacity

Bear in mind that the load capacity of this unit is 12 lbs. This might be a problem for people who have a lot of dirty clothes gather during the week. However, you can use the speed of this unit to your advantage and instead of one cycles, use it for several cycles to dry all of your clothes. It may require a little extra work, but it is worthy in the long run.

  • Sensitive To Overloading

This unit also seems to be sensitive to uneven loading or overloading. The best way to load your dryer to have no complications during the drying cycle is to put the heavier and larger clothes in first. You can also try extending each clothing item in a circle shape around the center of the unit. This may help pile the clothes within the unit more efficiently and it won’t risk overloading.

Make sure that the total amount of laundry should never exceed the height of the inner drum. Not only will the device overload, but also clothing items will be able to escape to get stuck between the two drums.

  • Inconsistency in warranty

The manual you receive with unit says that you have one year warranty. However, the listing says the warranty lasts three years. These warranty inconsistencies are usual, so make sure to check the warranty with the product provider.

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Apart from the few remarks that are easy to manage and fix, the Nina soft spin dryer seems to be an excellent alternative to regular washing machined and dryers. It is just as effective as the regular units but is also energy-efficient and time-saving. The compact sizing and quick operation make it perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, RV’s and camping as well.

If you are looking for such a product that is of an exceptional quality and is also useful, durable and reliable on the long run, which is 25 years in this case than you will find this unit worthy of your money.