Review Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Quiet Noise-Free / Maximum Under-bed Storage

You ever wake up and feel restless, tired, agonized, and just overall stressed? Did you know it may have something to do with the type of bed frame you’re using. Contrary to belief, buying a new mattress even the luxurious “Tempur-pedic” isn’t always enough to cure your long nights counting sheep. Without a sturdy frame to provide support and structure to your bed and mattress, the comfort that can be gained from a new mattress doesn’t reach its full potential and it’s almost as if you never purchased one at all.

Zinus introduces this all in one bed frame with a lifted design that allows the support of a bed frame without the need of an actual box spring underneath. This in turn provides a spacious underneath area to store anything you’d like that is less than thirteen inches above the ground.

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Review this Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The design allows for simple installation and it requires no tools or actual knowledge or prior experience of assembling parts. The actual device comes in all sizes to accommodate for all bed types. In comparison to various other bed frames that are built to fit without a bed spring, that don’t always match up to the hype, this one is has been built to last and is incredibly sturdy. The frame itself can withstand weights a little bit over the average human man and can be folded with ease when there is a need to transport it between locations.

With most consumer opinions, it has showed a high percentage of high standard and delivered an overall excellent review on the piece itself with the exception to a couple minor setbacks. The exact weight is not mentioned by the manufacturer besides the measurement of an “average human.” It’s very unspecific whether it is a female or male nor does it specify the extent of the physical build. So the range could hold anywhere between a young adult to an obese man, with no actual number to compare it to. Also, some people have mentioned that the as sturdy as the frame is, the smooth metal they used to create it allows no slight friction against the mattress and the frame so therefore it has been stated to slide around in certain situations. Although the manufacturer does provide a five-year limited warranty on the frame, some consumers were less than impressed with the sustainability of the product itself and had hoped that it would’ve been a bit more durable.

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Overall after researching both the manufacturer specs as well as over three thousand reviews, I have found that although this frame is a very good deal for the price that it’s listed, which can be anywhere from $59 to $89 depending on the size requested, it has some cons that can deter you from this product. I feel that although it might save some money on your next chiropractor visit, the endurance of the product doesn’t efficiently match it’s listed price and added benefits. I would recommend a similar product with an added piece of resistance to prevent mattress slipping.