Tip to Avoid Smoke While Cooking by an Air Fryer

As so many others have experienced using the Air Fryer XL you can have problems with certain high fat foods creating excess smoke, enough to have you running for the doors and windows and waving frantic at your all of a sudden, vocal smoke alarm.

After swearing in your head never to cook that pork roast again you taste it, tender and juicy with perfect crackle you all of a sudden realize that there is no faster tasty way so what now?

Well I found that by placing foil in the bottom of the pan when cooking high fat foods it stops that dreaded smoke. It really works.My theory was, by stopping the fats and oils hitting the burning hot pan this would stop the smoke.

As you know foil doesn’t hold heat very much and by letting those oils fall on Foil it doesn’t let that oil and fat reach a smoking point.I have tried this for a couple of months and have not smoked the house out once since.

The only difference is, you do need to turn your food once through the cooking process if you want both sides crisp and golden. To me this is worth it to get the results of that tender juicy meat that we all love the air fryer for. Without that dreaded smoke.