Tips for Choosing an Air Fryer for a New Buyer – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Tips for Choosing an Air Fryer for a New Buyer


Q: Which the operating mechanism does the PHILIPS AIRFRYER use to cook the food without cooking oil?

A: AIRFRYER use Rapid Air technology to fry and produce the even-cooked and crispy dish by the hot air circulation instead of cooking oil like it used to do. This way makes 80% of fat reduction in comparison with the traditional frying style but not make the food too dry.

Q: Does the AIR FRYER guarantee the Food Safety and Quality? What are the differences between the Air Fryer and other frying stuffs in the market now?

A: The biggest strong point of the Air Fryer is the smoke filter which minimizes the volume of smoke while cooking at the maximum possibility. The removable drawer and food basket is overlaid with the 3 non-stick layers so that you can cook without worrying about the difficulty in cleaning.

Q: Is it able to cook any dishes or limited types of dishes?

A: You are absolutely able to make a variety of dishes like: fried potatoes fried chicken leg, fried sweet potatoes, fried meat, popcorn, or even food reheat and a hundred of stunning fried, grilled, baked, toasted dishes.

Q: My family has 5 people so that I wonder if this air fryer is too small to cook for the whole family. Are there any other sizes to choose?

A: Air fryers come with many sizes for you to choose which is suitable for your family. To 5-member family, you should choose the capacity of 2.8l.