Understand More about Portable Electric Stove

Why do people use portable electric stoves?

The primary reason for the selection of portable electric stoves is convenience, and where space is at a premium, like in a small kitchen. Portable electric stoves are popular in places like dormitories and small apartments. Another major advantage is their portability which makes them the perfect choice when you move where you have access to electric power supply. They can be used when going camping for instance, provided there is a power source so you don’t have to carry around a gas cylinder. They are the ideal choice in small offices where you need to heat up food or boil water.

Some people are frightened of using gas and igniting a gas stove with a naked flame or even an electronic ignition spark. Furthermore they are not very comfortable having gas in the vicinity of a pilot lamp. A portable electric stove is the perfect solution for people with apprehensions about using gas.

What are the general features?

A typical portable electric stove would have one or two burners, the latter of course being larger in size. In a two-burner stove each burner would have a different power rating from 500 to 1300 watts with 1000 watts being most popular. Generally each burner would have 4 temperature settings. The stove is designed to occupy minimal space and for easy cleaning.

What are the disadvantages?

Unlike gas stoves, mobile electric stoves take a while to heat up which makes it a bit annoying if you just want to boil some water or are in a hurry to heat up some food. Similarly the heating surface takes time to cool which means you can burn yourself if you touch the surface inadvertently after it is switched off. Another disadvantage is that cooking on some burners can be difficult because of imprecise temperatures. You cannot set it to a precise temperature like adjusting the flame on a gas stove.

You might have to juggle by switching on and off the burner to get the desired results, or you might have to take the pan off when it gets too hot. If the coils are not concealed, cleaning them, especially below the coils can be a bit of a bother. But one of the main disadvantages is that electric stoves are significantly less energy efficient than gas stoves. The efficiency level could be as low as 50%.

How do prices compare?

Portable electric stoves have a price advantage. They are cheaper than gas stoves.