What are the different types of portable electric stoves?

Here are some of the selections of popular models:

  • Aroma single burner portable electric stove: Ideal for the outdoors or dormitories. It is compact and easy to clean and comes with 4 temperature settings.
  •  Toastmaster twin-burner portable electric stove: Perfect for a home, office or a family camping vacation. Surprisingly compact, this stove comes with 2 burners of 5000 watts and 1000 watts, each with 4 temperature settings.
  • Broil King Pro Glass table top burner: Made of ceramic with stainless steel sides. It features rapid heat-up and cool capabilities with a residual heat safety light to ensure you do not burn yourself.
  • Conair Waring SB30 Pro Extra Burner: This kitchen appliance comes with an extra burner housed in stainless steel. Its cast iron plate features a powerful 1300 watt element controlled through an adjustable thermostat.
  • Waring Portable Single Burner: A professional unit with a heavy duty cast iron plate features and adjustable thermostat with a quick heat and retention facility.