What is a portable electric stove?

A portable electric stove is known by many other names such as an electrical portable cooktop range and a portable electric stove top. Whatever you prefer to call it, an electric stove is a unit designed for cooking. It might have one or more burners or heating surfaces with heating coils as a heat source. Some of the newer models have a hotplate without openings which makes cleaning easier.

Electric stoves generally have a warning light to indicate that it is on. In some models the light becomes red confirming that the surface has heated sufficiently enough to use. A portable electric stove is a compact unit designed for easy movement. Unlike a full-sized, domestic electric stove, a portable electric stove will rarely have an oven integrated with it. It will typically be confined to heating surfaces generally no more than two in number.

Portable electric stoves are designed for easy portability and are ideal for use in small kitchens which cannot accommodate a full-sized electric stove.