Which Nonstick Coating is Safe?

Nowaday , we all know that Teflon isn’t safe enough for cooking – It will be safe to use if the coating is still completely. However , the coating is thin and chips easily. If this thing happened, you should stop using your Teflon cookware immediately!!

So today I would like to write about which nonstick cookware coating is safe to use.

Let’s start with :

100% ceramic cookware

I vote this is the best option to select. It’s the safest for health because it made from everything natural. No any toxics , very durable, hard to chip or peel off. 100% ceramic cookware is surely NONSTICK!! Also dishwasher safe!!

However, the 100% ceramic is very expensive but you can use it for very long long time.


Stainless Steel Cookware

This type of cookware is great option. Stainless steel cookware has very good resistant to scratches, and can be seasoned to make it nonstick. Also it’s very very durable, surely you can use it for a long long time…just wash it with care.

Keep in mind that you have to buy the food grade stainless steel…then it’s 100% safe for your health.


Real cast iron cookware

This type of cookware is long life to use. Real cast iron cookware heat quickly and evenly. It’s truly safe – no any toxics into your food while cooking. This material can be seasoned to make it nonstick.


Glass cookware

Yeah! it’s surely doesn’t leak anything toxic into your food. It doesn’t completely nonstick but easy to clean with pot scrubber. Don’t worry, it’s durable enough. Just beware it crack because you have to buy a new one once it cracked 🙂