Why Copper cookware? Know More About It & Copper Cookware Care and Safety

Copper cookware is said to be the suitable food preparation utensils for the kitchen as many cooking experts agree on its advantages compared to other cookware sets made of aluminum and other types of metal. As you can see in cooking demonstrations performed by well-known chefs in the cooking industry, most of them are using copper cookware for their demos. Even in the ordinary home kitchens many cooking enthusiasts or chef wannabes are already switching to make use of copper cookware instead of the traditional kitchen utensils. Let’s find out why copper is the best type of metal for cookware.



Generally, the most common types of metal used for cookware are aluminum, cast iron, carbon or stainless steel, and copper. Every metal has its own thermal or heat conductivity, which is a very important factor in cooking to get the best results. According to metal experts, copper has high level of heat conductivity which is incomparable to other metal types. When you apply heat to the copper cookware, for example a frying pan, the heat transfer is very fast and will be spread evenly throughout the utensil. There’s no hot or cold spot if you use copper cookware, which means that every part of the pan have equal heat and browning the food becomes easier and with less worries. That is only of the big advantages when you use copper cookware and there are more you have to learn.

Since the heat conductivity in copper cookware is the highest against the other cookware sets for the kitchen, this also means that you can save a lot of time on your cooking sessions. If in the past you need to wait for several minutes before the pan can reach the right temperature, using a copper cookware can provide you less time for your waiting as it heats up faster so you can start cooking without more ado. Time is essential in cooking, the faster you can finish then you also save in energy consumption, and you can get it from using copper cookware.

Most chefs and food experts are amazed not only on the quality of cooking that cooking cookware can provide them, but also to its classy and chic appearance. You can enjoy much inside your kitchen once you see your copper cookware glowing due to their shiny finish, seems like it’s always attracting you to cook more and impress your house guests. Because of their elegant look, displaying the copper cookware also adds up on the elegance and good ambiance in your kitchen.

Moreover, another benefit of copper cookware as the best cooking utensils inside the kitchen is its durability that lasts for several years if properly being taken care of. However, the only drawback of buying copper cookware is in terms of its prize which is typically expensive compared to other cookware set. But, because of its unbeatable toughness, this will limit you from buying new cookware set from time to time that also saves your money in effect. Therefore, in terms of practicality, copper cookware is truly the appropriate food preparation utensils for home use and professional application. Let’s find out the best brands of copper cookware for your main reference.

The Best Copper Cookware

When you buy copper cookware, it is better to purchase them in a set rather than buying them piece by piece which can save a lot on your budget. Nevertheless, once you preferred to buy a complete set, there is no way you can choose for the utensils, so try to buy first your basic set and add the other utensils to complete your copper cookware set. Just always put in your mind that the best brands are normally high-priced and choosing the wrong ones will just provide you disappointment. Thus, to reduce your burden in selecting the best copper cookware, here is the list of the famous brands in the market today.

Topping in the list is Mauviel, which is one of the oldest manufacturers of copper cookware in the industry. Mauviel is famous with their energy-efficient copper cookware (with lifetime warranty) having thick copper which is industry-standard and preferred by most chefs. On the other hand, Falk is next to Mauviel when speaking of quality and durability; as you can find in most copper cookware reviews in the internet that these two famous brands are always on the top three.

Other well-known copper cookware brands are Calphalon, Ruffoni, Revere, Baurnalu, Bourgeat, Chefmate, Cuisinart, and All Clad Cookware. Bear in mind that buying copper cookware is an investment; so choose only the brands which has limited warranty on their products and with good linings as well.

Copper Cookware Care and Safety

Furthermore, there are people that have sensitivity to certain types of metals which causes allergic reaction. Nickel, for example, can cause allergy to some individuals and must be avoided when buying copper cookware sets which have nickel linings on the utensils. Even the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) already warned the public against purchasing cookware set with unlined copper as it can be dangerous when cooking; hence an ideal copper cookware has protective lining like stainless steel.

Copper poisoning can be possible also if the linings are damaged due to excessive scrubbing or prolong cooking of acidic foods. That’s why thickness is a big factor to consider prior to your purchase of cookware set, particularly to copper cookware.

Normally, the manufacturer itself will provide you safety guidelines for the maintenance of the cookware set from cleaning the items up to their proper storage. Read carefully the instructional manual included in the package as well as the terms and conditions that covers the warranty of the cookware set. When cleaning, it advisable to use anti-tarnish cream instead of abrasive cleaners to avoid damage or scratches on the utensils. And also, let the pan to cool first before you proceed in washing. Your copper cookware set will last for many years once you’ve followed these hints and tips we have arranged for you.